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Many clients know what is necessary to maintain good health but struggle with the how and execution of healthy behavioral practices. At BH we are proponents of integrated healthcare. Our programs are client-centered delivering  care that focuses on healing the whole person—mind, body and spirit in the context of community. Each client in our program is empowered to become active participants in their own care, and to take responsibility for their own health and wellness. We encourage a collaborative approach to client care among practitioners and stand willing and waiting to work with your existing PCP and supporting medical professionals on your healthcare team.  Our team is trained in the area of disease prevention, in which we  help clients foster healthy plant-based dietary habits, and implement exercise regimens, which are scientifically linked to the reduction and reversal of chronic diseases.  Services are delivered in the form of education, group support, one-on-one support, and the monitoring of specific clinical biomarkers (LDL ,HDL, DBP, SBP, CRP, BMI). Our evidence-based curricula are designed to deliver quantifiable results, reducing the  client's overall risk for CVD and its governing risk factors.

Why Consider BH?

Many patients lack a clear understanding of their current diagnosis or diagnoses. This lack of understanding serves as a barrier to effective disease management, an improved prognosis, or in some cases a full reversal of a current diagnosis.   Heavy academic work loads, long work hours and compromised schedules do not afford primary care physicians adequate time to teach, positioning health coaching  as a viable option to fill this void . The cost  to work with a health coach varies  anywhere from $100-$220 per session. Clients who opt for health coaching  should know  training matters. In some cases, health coaches may lack the formal training necessary to identify and provide evidence-based solutions to successfully manage and relegate chronic diseases. At BH all senior healthcare professionals hold terminal degrees  (EdD, PhD) in the field of healthcare. We engage in evidence-based health education practices and work closely with healthcare professionals to  improve client outcomes and deliver optimal health results. 

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