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Lower Your A1C, LDL, SBP, DBP, BMI, CRP
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  This location is temporarily closed.   Our Preventive Health Program will    remain online until further notice.
Let us teach you how.
Good Health On Your Terms. Only Pay For What You Need!

Many patients lack a clear understanding of their current diagnosis or diagnoses. This lack of understanding serves as a barrier to effective disease management, an improved prognosis, or in some cases a full reversal of a current diagnosis.  According to (2018) in the U.S., doctors' appointments average about 20 minutes. Heavy academic work loads, long work hours and compromised schedules do not afford primary care physicians adequate time to teach. It is for this reason we desire to build a strong working relationship with your PCP, learn more about your diagnosis and continue the dialogue. If you find that you have more questions about your health than answers, you are in the right place. Our healthcare professionals are not restricted by time, but instead we put you in the driver’s seat of your health. We provide each client with the necessary educational tools pertinent to achieve optimal health. All of our senior health education professionals hold terminal degrees in their field of study (PhD, EdD). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you again for your interest in the CAD Program offered through Burnes Health. Below please find a list of FAQs and answers. If you are unable to find answers to your questions below our team is ready to answer @ 1.800.745.9563. We can also be reached @

Do I need a formal diagnosis from my PCP?

Burnes Health, a cardiac health and wellness company specializes in transforming data from clinical research trials into practice. Our evidence-based tailored curricula, provides an analysis of behavioral complexities, involving cardiovascular disease and governing metabolic dysfunctions characterized by hypertension, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and central adiposity. Positioned as an extension of primary care, our team of health professionals create tailored disease prevention programs designed to assist patients, primary care doctors, and health organizations with ambulatory health services to foster improved patient outcomes. Burnes Health is NOT RESPONSIBLE for diagnosing program participants. To best provide clients with the educational tools needed to improve their current condition, a prior diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, or obesity is required. While WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE, we do monitor the following clinical biomarkers: SBP, DBP, BMI, BG, CRP which are considered risk factors for the onset of CAD. All lab orders are reviewed and approved by a licensed physician. We encourage the results of all laboratory tests to be shared with your primary care doctor.

What can I expect to learn from attendance?

The CAD Prevention Program is designed to offer prospective participants the tools needed to prevent and, in some cases, reverse a formal diagnosis of CAD and its governing risk factors: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity. At the core of the program, our educators specialize in transforming research into practice to improve healthcare outcomes.


Do I need to be under the directive of a PCP?

All participants should have a primary care provider. Our team members do not DIAGNOSE but instead we help patients to better understand and manage their current diagnosis with the goal of changing the trajectory of CAD and its governing risk factors. We encourage all participants to discuss the program with their primary care provider as our program is designed to provide a layer of support to both the patient and medical providers.  


Where is Burnes Health located and how can I attend the onsite CAD Prevention Program?

We are located in Westchester, NY. Our Preventive Health Program is currently being offered online. 

I would like to receive individual patient counseling services is there a fee involved?

Please review our wellness plans for health counseling services. You may also contact us @ 1.800.745.9563 or email

I would like to refer a friend to the program, what is the best form of contact?

All referrals should be directed to and all calls to 1.800.745.9563

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