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Preventive & Diagnostic Care


Preventive care is a health service designed  to prevent disease or illness, while diagnostic care is for the diagnosis and or treatment of a disease in individuals with symptoms or risk factors. We offer both.


Heart Health Screening * Non-pharmacological CVD treatment * Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing * Clinical Biomarker(s) Monitoring Program * Medical Grade Body
Composition Analysis * Pulmonary Function Testing * Cardiorespiratory Fitness Tests * Plant Based Education & Nutrition * Cardiovascular Education * Group Support                                                                                                                  


We help clients to better understand and address specific health challenges.  Our researchers devote their time and efforts to finding  evidence based solutions to complex health-care problems subsequently utilized  to improve  the overall  quality of health at the community and individual patient level.


Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a new discipline which has recently emerged as a systematized approach for the management of chronic disease. We institute the principles outlined by this new emerging practice with specific targets including diet, physical activity, behavior change, body weight control, and treatment plan adherence. Many patients know what to do, but struggle with the how and execution of new behavioral patterns. Our healthcare professionals trained in the area of disease prevention, help patients foster healthy plant-based dietary habits, and implement exercise regimens, which are inextricably linked to the reduction and reversal of chronic diseases. 

Free Plant-Based Classes




Each year Burnes Health offers free classes about plant-based health. Please be sure to check our calendar for upcoming dates.

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